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Man dies by suicide near Capitol, police say

A man died by suicide after driving his car into a vehicle barricade near the Capitol, police said Sunday morning.

As the man got out of his car, it “became engulfed in flames,” the Capitol Police said, and then the man “fired several shots into the air.”

As officers started approaching the man, he shot himself, according to the police. No officers appeared to have fired their weapons, the department said, it and did not appear members of Congress were the target. Both chambers are currently out of town on their August recess.

Authorities have not released the name of the man.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department, which is handling the investigation of the death, referred to the Capitol Police’s statement on the 4 a.m. incident and said there weren’t other details available yet.

One USCP officer, Billy Evans, died and another was seriously injured in April 2021 after a driver rammed a car into a barricade on Constitution Avenue outside the Capitol and then brandished a knife prompting officers to shoot the man, Noah Green. The House and Senate had also been on recess during that attack, which took place on Good Friday.

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