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Lorrene Mae Lake: Racist White Woman Caught On Video Threatening To Hang Black Neighbor

A white woman is going viral after getting caught on camera threatening to hang her black neighbor. Lorrene Mae Lake is the woman in the video making all these threats.

Everett Mason, the black neighbor that’s receiving death threats, speaks on his experiences with her: “For 3 months she’s been giving multiple death threats, yelling racial slurs, drawing swastikas, throwing glass, banging doors and windows, using a water hose to spray into people’s apartments, cussing out everyone on the block, threatening lives with a baseball bat and whatever else she wants because the LBPD and International Property Management (6615 E. PCH Ave, Long Beach, CA) haven’t done SHIT. I’m done doing the “proper channels.” I’m posting this to expose her and to show that if I end up in jail, y’all clearly see why. 24hrs a day she’s on 10. It has affected my mental and physical health because I get no rest at night. Including the entire complex and other neighbors on the street.”

Mason continues by speaking on the lack of support from the police: “Last night after spraying water in my apt at 3 am and I knocked on her door, she threatened me with a spear, bit my wrist and spit at me. But if I retaliated, I’d be dead or in jail. Cops didn’t arrest her even though I was on the phone with 911 during this. The operator said, “it sounds like you’re harassing her.” Being black in America…”

The Long Beach Police Department arrested Lorrene Mae Lake recently for a dispute she had with another neighbor. Police arrested her for illegally possessing a firearm, felony criminal threats, and a misdemeanor restraining order violation. Lake bail is set at $50,000.

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