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Leafs and Lightning are playing the strangest series


While we certainly enjoy the greater scoring, the league would probably prefer a few more close games. They’ll probably get them as the playoffs continue and the teams are stepping on their tongues even more than they already are.

Broken clock

Sticking with the NHL playoffs, it’s rare that we’re all behind Brad Marchand. But in the “The Worst Person You Know Just Made A Great Point” category:


We don’t know for sure, and Marchand isn’t saying, but it sure looks like he’s calling Carolina’s Tony DeAngelo a racist, which he just happens to be. Also a moron. Watch the NHL fine Marchand for bringing to light that one of its players is a bridge troll, as it can’t have that getting in the open, the league doesn’t want to insult the fanbase it’s been terrified of for decades.


We’ll end with this work of art from Chelsea’s Sam Kerr, which clinched a 4-2 win for Chelsea of over Man United, a win which clinched the WSL title for Chelsea:


Of course, that was only Kerr’s second thunderbastard of the day:


Not a bad day’s work.

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