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Lady Thor’s New Origin Video Explains How She Got Into Marvel’s Avengers

After giving only a vague release window, Crystal Dynamics has revealed that Jane Foster’s Lady Thor will be making her way into Marvel’s Avengers on June 28. The studio hasn’t revealed much else about her, only speaking to her general moves and how she relates to Thor. However, the studio did release a new animated trailer telling her backstory that explains how she ends up in the game’s universe.

Foster herself — through her voice actor Zehra Fazal — gives an overview of her journey into this new world. After confronting a twisted Odin, she was forced to make a deal with Loki. However, that’s when a portal grabbed her and warped her to the game’s universe. Obviously, the video leaves out some details, but those will likely be addressed in the game’s lore collectibles.

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While it gives a look at what she might look like in the game, it doesn’t actually have any in-game assets since it is a video of stills from comic artist Takeshi Miyazawa, who is known for his work on Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel comics (he even got a subtle shoutout in the Disney+ show). However, when responding to someone asking to see Foster in the game, the official Avengers Twitter account said to keep an eye out for later this week, implying that more will be revealed before the weekend.

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Crystal Dynamics hasn’t spoken about any Marvel Cinematic Universe skins to coincide with Thor: Love and Thunder, but, given the frequency at which these MCU costumes come out, those will likely release sometime in the future. After all, the team allegedly delayed its other hero, She-Hulk, to better line up with the MCU, according to a reputable Avengers leaker.

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