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“Kobe Bryant Would Never!”: Lakers Fans Incensed as LeBron James Seen Laughing During Blowout Loss to Suns


This sums up the Lakers’ disappointing season. Losing is one thing, but whenever James has not been able to perform at the highest level, the Lakers have been abysmal. And abysmal was what they were on Sunday night.


The Lakers fell out pretty hard. It is fair to say that the Suns trashed them 140-111 even with the absence of Chris Bosh. Devin Booker was on fire as he scored 30 points with 10 assists. The Suns performed as a team which unfortunately has not been a feature of the Lakers this season.

Lakers Fans fuming over LeBron James reaction

The Phoenix Suns walked all over the Lakers in their easy victory. Following the embarrassing loss against the Phoenix Suns, LeBron was smiling and laughing as soon as the game ended.

It could have been because of whatever reason, but fans believed that this shows how losing this badly does not have the effect on players that it should. The fans on Twitter reacted furiously.

Some fans were brutal towards LeBron. Whereas some made sure to support “their” GOAT. Let’s just say LeBron fans and Lakers fans are not a union right now.


Lakers losing face

The Suns are 1st seed, and they showed why. They have already qualified for the playoffs, whereas the Lakers are struggling to put two wins in a row.

Their contracting situations were quite evident in their match-up as the Lakers were nowhere close to even threatening or challenging them.

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