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Kevin Feige: Ms. Marvel’s Powers Aren’t ‘An Exact Translation’ Of Comics

Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series Ms. Marvel is set to introduce the world to Kamala Khan. However, fans of the already existing character might notice her powers aren’t exactly the same as they are in the comics.

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Speaking with Empire in a recent interview, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige was asked about Kamala’s powers. For those unaware, the comic book version of Ms. Marvel is known for being able to stretch out various parts of her body and grow them into extremely large sizes. However, the Disney+ series seems to have given Khan a different set of powers, primarily centered around a purple mist. According to Feiege, that’s just Marvel Studios’ continued work of not being an “exact translation” of the comics.

“We adapt the comics; it’s not an exact translation,” Feige said. “[Kamala] came about in a very specific time within the comic-book continuity. She is now coming into a very specific time within the MCU continuity. And those two things didn’t match.”

The new origin of how Khan’s powers look seems to be part of the journey of the show. “What we will learn about where those powers come from, and how they come about, is specific to the MCU,” Feige teases. “You will see great comic splash panels in some of our action sequences. If you want big, giant hands and arms, well they’re here in spirit, if not in stretchy, plastic-type ways.”

Feige also noted that Khan’s powers will also be a throughline for her as she continues her Marvel Cinematic Universe journey. Following Ms. Marvel, Khan’s character is also set to appear in the sequel to Captain Marvel, The Marvels, where Feige said that she will continue to explore just how her powers came to be.

“It taps into the future of her story as it connects to her other friends that she will meet in the upcoming film The Marvels,” said Feige. “She’s interested in knowing, ‘Great, does that mean I’m an Asgardian? Did I get hit with gamma rays?’ No, it’s seemingly none of those things. It goes to her own past and her heritage and lineage.”

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Ms. Marvel stars newcomer Iman Vellani in her acting debut as Kamala Khan, which also marks the live-action debut of the fan-favorite Marvel character. Joining Vellani are Aramis Knight, Saagar Shaikh, Rish Shah, Zenobia Shroff, Mohan Kapur, Matt Lintz, Yasmeen Fletcher, Laith Naki, Azher Usman, Travina Springer, and Nimra Bucha.

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