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Kevin Durant blasts Olden Polynice over ‘generational lie’ about Kyrie Irving

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving
Photo: Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Former NBA player Olden Polynice dropped a bombshell by saying that Kyrie Irving ridiculed Steve Nash at his house earlier this year and that the relationship between the player and the coach is damaged.

Apparently it was not a real story – it was borrowed from a sports satire website Ballsack Sports which published this made up story earlier this summer.

Irving’s teammate and friend Kevin Durant took to Twitter to slam Polynice from spreading lies. “Olden after he dropped that generational lie,” the two-time NBA champion tweeted as he attached a tweet from Ballsack Sports and Polynice’s photo.

The ex-NBA big man responded with: “Hey bro I apologize for my part in this. I’m too old for beef. Too much respect for you. again if it’s not true , once confirmed I will profusely apologize to you, Kyrie and Steve..You are one of my favorite players to watch play.. BTW if I’m wrong it won’t be first time or last.”

That was not the end of the exchange as KD tweeted: “There was no truth in what u said. U have no impact on anything Olden. Enjoy retirement lol.”

Polynice attempted to close the matter on a positive note. “Hey bro I’ve been trying my best to enjoy retirement.. love watching you play .. I’m not gonna beef w you on here. I respect all you do. Wish you all the best ..” he tweeted.

“I promise you this Kevin, if I’m wrong and there’s no truth to it I’ll be very apologetic..” Polynice promised to apologize.

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