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Johnny Duane Pickle: Petersburg Police Officer Fired After Sharing A Photo Of His Son Doing The Nazi Salute

Another day another racist

A Petersburg police officer has been fired for making a social media that appears to show his support for Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party.

The officer who has been fired has been identified as Johnny Duane Pickle, according to the Juneau Empire newspaper. The newspaper reported that Johnny shared a photo of his son wearing wearing a Hitler mustache, standing straight, and making a Nazi salute on Facebook. The caption of the post said “Just showed this to my son. He said that would be his dream come true. Got to raise them riech.”

Johnny Duane Pickle recently did an interview with KFSK’s Angela Denning. During the interview, he tried to back track his Facebook post. He told KFSK that the post was taken out of context and was a comment responding to a friend. He also told them the image was of his son playing out his favorite movie with his cousins. The film he is talking about Jojo Rabbit, a modern day comedy about Nazi Germany. The film stars Scarlett Johansson and Roman Griffin Davis.

The Juneau Empire newspaper also reported that Johnny started to work for the department at the end of last June. He was making a little over $30 dollars an hour before his termination.

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