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JJ Redick: “Lakers are not contending next season. That’s not gonna happen”

LeBron James
Photo: Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are set for another tough season, former NBA player JJ Redick thinks. According to him, it makes no difference who the head coach is because the way that the roster is composed, there is no chance for the purple and gold to compete for a championship.

“Lakers are not contending next season. That’s not gonna happen,” Redick said on First Take. “And we broke down all the different trade scenarios last week. They’re not going to be a contender. They’re pretty much stuck next year.

“So, I think they should figure out a way to hire Steph Curry as a player/coach, maybe Paul George, just fill out a coaching staff with current players. That’s the only way they’re gonna get back to contention.

“There’s no way this core group, those three guys (LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook), with their lack of draft picks, with no real money in free agency, they’re not in contention next year. Doesn’t matter who the coach is.”

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