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Jeff Lewis: Former High School Security Guard Accused of Taking Pictures of Underage Girls In A Bonney Lake Target

A former security guard at Juanita High School, Jeff Lewis, was investigated in 2007 and 2013 for excessive force against students. Lewis didn’t face any punishment after being cleared.

However, the 2013 incident at Juanita High School resulted in a negotiated settlement and Lewis resigning versus accepting termination. Part of the settlement required the district to remove the incident from his permanent record.

A decade later, Lewis faces new allegations. A woman in target posted a video on Tik Tok accusing him of taking pictures of underage girls at a Bonney Lake Target.

Tik Tok/momoftwowithone

The woman in the video claimed Target’s security was waiting near the exit to question Lewis about these accusations. When they asked to see his phone, he refused. They had to let him go because they couldn’t legally detain him.

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