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IO Details Hitman 3’s New Modes, Map, & Bundle

IO Interactive promised that more Hitman 3 was on the way and has now spoken more about what that means. In a new video, the developer talked a little more about the modes coming to the game as well as a new bundle (that’s also headed to Game Pass).

Elusive Target Arcade is one of the big new modes coming to the game. On January 20, players will be able to play this twist on the old Elusive Target mode where Agent 47 is given one chance to kill a target. However, Arcade will add new complications and tasks players with taking down multiple targets in a row. They’re not timed either, meaning players can play them whenever they want, a deviation to the way these targets had previously been locked to certain days. Completing these trials will result in new rewards and failing means players will have to wait until the next day to try again. IO will also be adding more trials in the future.

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Freelancer is the second new mode and is the one hinted at in the November announcement. IO is bringing back the safehouse from some of the older games like Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, but letting players customize it and plan their hits from it this time around. These new multi-step campaigns give players choice over what their loadout is and the order in which they want to kill their targets in. The hub acts both as an armory and a mission control.

Some gear can even be purchased on the field through friendly vendor NPCs. But they aren’t persistent so dropping a gun, leaving behind some poison, or dying will mean the player has to purchase those items again. New enemies will also coincide with these allies. It’s also a bit like a roguelike since the well-guarded leaders at the top of each chain change every time and players will have to narrow down who they are through the intel they have gathered.

IO didn’t say if Freelancer was part of a free update so it’s possible it will premium DLC when it releases sometime in the spring. IO also teased another map, which is codenamed as “Rocky.” The developer didn’t show much, but it had a long rope bridge and will be fully revealed later in 2022.

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IO also reiterated what it had already revealed in November. Virtual reality, something that is currently locked to the PlayStation 4 port, is coming to the PC version. Ray tracing is still coming to the PC in 2022 as are XeSS and variable rate shading, all of which are meant to make the game look and run better.

The whole game itself is also coming to Steam on January 20, but the store page is not yet live. A bundle with this Hitman trilogy, aptly titled Hitman Trilogy, is also coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. It’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on the same day, too.

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