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I am Georgina premieres on 27 January

Netflix today revealed that I am Georgina, the reality show about the life of Georgina Rodriguez, will premiere worldwide on 27 January.

With more than 28 million followers on Instagram, Georgina is, among many other things, a model, mother, influencer, businesswoman, dancer and Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner. On 27 January we will be able to see her most personal side, an emotional and in-depth portrait of the woman behind the covers, the photos, the stories and the big headlines.

The Netflix reality show, produced by Komodo Studio, I am Georgina, will reveal all aspects of her life, from the most public to the most personal. We will experience her day-to-day life, her motherhood, her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, her travels, her parties… we will discover her true friendships, her desires and wishes, her highs and lows. We will get to know who Georgina Rodríguez really is.

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