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Hot Off the Press: Using a Newsletter to Grow Your Customer Base

By Polly Willams

Newsletters can serve as an effective form of digital marketing, helping to grow your customer base and convey important information. However, in order to ensure success, you should avoid common mistakes, plan your content carefully, and be mindful of your audience. Today, Habari News and Entertainment share some tips and resources to help you grow your customer base.


Why Newsletters Are Effective Marketing Tools


Personal: Newsletters are geared toward a specific audience and offer a more personal form of marketing than other methods.


Valuable: This form of contact with your client base makes it possible to offer discounts, inspiring content, or helpful tips and advice related to your products and services.


Shareable: With just a few clicks, your newsletter can be shared with a wide audience, offering a great way to reach new potential customers that you won’t need to pay dearly for.


Cost-effective: Newsletters are often inexpensive to create and distribute, providing great rewards with little investment. This makes it a worthwhile pursuit for smaller businesses. 


How to Write an Effective Newsletter


Stay concise: Social media has shortened the attention span of most consumers, so it’s vital to keep your newsletter brief and to the point.


Be creative: Use visuals and storytelling to make your newsletter more engaging. Your newsletter should create a brand perception that fosters trust with your audience.


Offer value: In order to keep too many people from hitting that unsubscribe button, you’ll need to include an element in the newsletter that your customers won’t be able to find elsewhere.


Remain consistent: Be sure to send out your newsletter on a regular basis in order to keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds. 


Increasing Engagement with Your Newsletter


Subject line: Your subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see when the email notification pops up, so it needs to capture their attention and make them want to open your emails. 


Data visualization: Bright colors, images, and videos are a surefire way to help people better understand your message and ensure that they remember it long after they’ve closed the email.


Social media: Social media is an excellent way to promote your newsletter and help it reach a larger audience. You can include snippets from your newsletter in your social ad campaigns that will intrigue readers and guarantee that they will sign up. 


Email marketing platforms: These service providers offer a number of features that can help you grow your newsletter list, so be sure to take a closer look at the features and terms and conditions of a few you are interested in before committing to one paid subscription.


Who to Hire for Content Creation


Writers: An experienced copywriter or content writer will understand which terms, phrases, and words will best engage your audience and encourage them to make purchases.


Graphic Designers: Because visuals are such an important part of the newsletter, it’s important to ensure that these are high-quality, unique, and appealing. Graphic designers are the best people to help you achieve this.


Email Marketing Experts: To keep subscribers, it’s imperative to hit the ground running with this form of digital marketing. Email marketing experts will help you grow your newsletter list and track your results, so you can modify your strategy as needed.


Common Mistakes to Avoid


Purchased Lists: These are often a waste of money as they give the impression that your email is spam. Most people from these lists will unsubscribe immediately, and those who don’t are unlikely to ever engage with your content. It’s best to stick with opt-in email lists.


Generic email addresses: Sticking with a branded email address in place of a generic one lends credibility to your newsletter and improves the perception of your brand.


No call to action: Calls to action in your newsletter are a must as they prompt the reader to purchase your products or services. Without an increase in sales, marketing via a newsletter is essentially a waste of business funds.


No tracking: Tracking is necessary to determine whether your newsletter is being read, how many people opened it, and if your message is being well-received. Platforms like Campaign Monitor make this easy. 


A well-crafted newsletter can be a game-changer for your business. Even if you start small, with time it’s possible to design a newsletter that grows to be informative and engaging, helping you to reach new goals with your customer base.


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