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Have you heard the NFL schedules are out?

While their choice in starting quarterback may be flawed, the Browns’ social media team used a gaffe from several seasons back and turned it into a hysterical video. During one of the franchise’s worst seasons, even the fans couldn’t get out of their own way, getting a “This is the Dawg Pound” sign out of order.

Cleveland revealed each of its 17 opponents by mixing up the left and middle signs of the trio. The design around the misspelled words made it clear who each team was in case anyone was confused by the ordeal. Good on the Browns for being able to make fun of themselves years later.

This video is the first on the list not solely to rely on animation but still delivered the goods. Set to the tune of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It,” the whole video is a 90s throwback with tons of references folks of certain age would pick up on and relate to. From a dinner of pizza bagels and Dunkaroos to a CD player bigger than the size of a compact disc, and a dial-up internet connection with America Online as well.

This one is presented in one fluid shot and the smooth transitions take the video from good to great. It’s also the second video on the list to make fun of the Atlanta Falcons infamous Super Bowl LI collapse after leading the Patriots 28-3.

Sometimes, not going all out is the way to go. Still paying tribute to its fanbase with a hefty plate of Buffalo wings from La Nova (of course they’re just called wings in Western New York) is Dawson Knox. He proceeds to smash a good amount in the one minute, 58-second video. He’s soon joined by teammates including Tommy Sweeney, Tim Settle, Isaiah McKenzie and Gabriel Davis, completing random various tasks.

The only uncredited appearance in the video goes to the man most would recognize on the Bills, quarterback Josh Allen, who also delivers the only spoken line of the video: “What does this all mean? Absolutely nothing. Go Bills.” Then the actual schedule flashes on screen before the video fades to black. Absolutely outstanding work to the preseason Super Bowl favorites with a huge ‘W’ in May.

Now without Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner, the Seahawks decided to play one big practical joke on its entire roster. The schedule wasn’t released until Thursday night and no one was allowed to share all details publicly until given a thumbs up by the league. It’s evident some Seahawks players weren’t aware of this rule.

Drew Lock tries to play it cool like he knew the whole thing was fake, like four road games in a row and no bye after the team’s trip to Germany to play the Buccaneers. The reactions from players knowing they’ve been duped was great. Seeing those more human elements to teams is a perfect window into their worlds.

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