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For one day, Yann Sommer channeled the spirit of Ron Tugnutt (wait Ron Tugnutt isn’t dead, right?)


Nineteen saves. Which broke the Bundesliga record by five. That Tim Howard game against Belgium in Brazil 2014 where he kept the US from giving up a touchdown? That was 16 saves. Bayern piled up 35 shots, 20 on target, which means they attempted a shot more than once every three minutes. Last season, when they ran over the entire league again, they averaged 19.8 shots per game. So in one game they nearly doubled that mark. This season they’d been averaging 23 shots per game before Saturday, so they piled on 50 percent more just for the fuck of it. Didn’t matter.

Want some more numbers? We got ‘em! Munich managed to pile up 4.33 expected goals per shots on target, which means Sommer kept Mönchengladbach 3.3 goals to the good in one afternoon. That’s more than all but three keepers managed for the entire season last campaign, including Sommer himself.


Of course, it’s a measure of the historic, Herculean (we keep throwing in the Greek references here, I guess I’m craving gyros for lunch) accomplishments it takes just to keep Bayern away from three points for one game. The league as a whole can’t produce enough of these week after week to keep Munich at bay, which is how you get what we usually have in Germany. But for 90 minutes, one dude was able to put his hand on the collective forehead of the biggest club in the land, an obscene collection of talent, and laugh dismissively as they forlornly swung their arms nowhere near his body.

It can be random indeed.

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