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Exclusive The Jack in the Box: Awakening Clip Introduces Terrifying Demon

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive clip from the upcoming horror feature The Jack in the Box: Awakening, written and directed by Lawrence Fowler. 4Digital Media will release the film on DVD, VOD, and Digital on January 18, 2022.

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“Terminally ill heiress Olga Marsdale acquires a mysterious gothic box containing a captured demon – Jack,” reads the official synopsis. “The powerful entity within makes a deadly deal with Olga and her devoted son Edgar – deliver six victims to Jack and Olga will live. They trap several unsuspecting victims for him within the vast crumbling mansion – but can they deliver all six before it’s too late? Or will Amy, the young and innocent woman recently hired to look after the estate turn out to be more than a match for both the family and the Jack?”

Check out the exclusive The Jack in the Box: Awakening clip below:

The movie stars Matt McClure, James Swanton, Mollie Hindle, Nicola Wright, and Erina Mashate.

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The Jack in the Box: Awakening is produced by Fowler Media Limited. It is produced by Lawrence Fowler and Geoff Fowler.

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