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Esmeralda Armendarez-Upton Arrested For Making Terroristic Threats To Indian Women In Texas

A realtor for the California Federal Bank named Esmeralda Armendarez-Upton, a racist woman who was seen on video harassing and threatening a group of Indian women, has been arrested for making terroristic threats.

The incident occurred in a parking lot outside of a restaurant on Wednesday night. The footage was recorded and uploaded by Indrani Mukherjee. She revealed that Upton told them to “Go back to India. You, curry-assed people, are ruining this country,” while Upton approached the group of women in the parking lot. Mukherjee claims she has been a resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 29 years.

Mukherjee described the incident on Facebook: “Dinner with friends ended with a frightening experience. As we left Sixty Vines, Plano, and headed towards our cars, an angry, drunk woman came at us with hateful racial slurs and even physically attacked us. We called 911, and thankfully the cops arrived in minutes.”

Upton was arrested this afternoon for the incident. She received misdemeanor assault and terroristic threat charges for her actions in the parking lot. The racist woman remains in jail with a bond set at $10,000. Upton reportedly has no attorney listed, according to Yahoo News.

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