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Dying Light 2 Co-Op & Last-Gen Gameplay Revealed

Dying Light 2 is only a few weeks away from its February 4 release, but Techland still has still kept some aspects of it under wraps, mainly the co-op and last-gen versions. However, Techland has finally lifted the veil on its many console versions as well as its cooperative play on the newest and final episode of its Dying 2 Know series.

Dying Light 2 retains the four-player co-op of the original and Techland explained how it works in the sequel. Guests get to keep their items and player progression, but it appears as though the host is the only that that keeps story progression as the host is “hosting the story for them.” Players can also vote on the various choices in the game, but the host ultimately gets a say in what gets picked. However, the video did not mention crossplay. The team said earlier it would look into adding it after launch.

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The studio also spoke more about the game’s multiple versions. While some members of the press previewed the game on the PS4 Pro, the team has likely mostly shown the PC version, as evidenced by footage that came out from that batch of impressions. This Dying 2 Know episode had some comparison videos, but they were not as extensive as something from, say, Digital Foundry and were all extremely brief clips from different parts of the game. There were also no exact resolution or frame rate details.

This gesture is likely somewhat relevant to the debacle surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, another open-world game from a Polish developer that ran quite poorly on the last generation of systems. CD Projekt Red didn’t show much of those versions before launch and it was easy to see why. Techland also promised that it will give further comparisons down the line, which will probably give a better light on how the game runs on the various hardware it runs on.

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