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Dragon Age 4 Gets New Name and Logo Art

BioWare has had little to show of Dragon Age 4. Even through that much is still true, the team came out and gave the role-playing game a new name and logo. The game is now called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and more information will be coming later this year.

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BioWare took to its blog to explain the new title, something it hinted at it its 2018 teaser trailer with its #TheDreadWolfRises hashtag. The Dread Wolf is Solas, who seems to have conflicting stories told about him, with some calling him a savior and others saying he’s a betrayer of his people. He was a key character in 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and was featured in the Dragon Age 4 teaser. Inquisition‘s final expansion, Trespasser, also revealed his identity as the Dread Wolf.

However, BioWare said that there is a “spectrum of endless possibilities on where things may go” and players won’t have to worry about not knowing who he is since he will “properly introduce himself when the time is right.”

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More concrete information will have to wait. BioWare confirmed Dreadwolf would not be releasing this year, but the team said it will be speaking more about the game later this year. It gave no window on when that might be, but it’s possible that it could be at The Game Awards, as the Geoff Keighley-run show has held many BioWare reveals — from Mass Effect: Andromeda to Anthem to the upcoming Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles — over the years.

BioWare gave a Dragon Age update earlier this year, saying it was in the middle portion of development. This update came as yet another lead left the studio.

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