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Cut the semantics crap, Kevin, you know what Draymond meant about Steph Curry, and he’s right


Green later quote tweeted Durant saying that he needed to watch his whole response, and then Durant decided to end the back-and-forth, and kept it civil. K.D. said that appreciated Green’s compliments and his only disagreements were about the double-teams. Durant has the right to disagree, and maybe he’s correct about literal double-teams. However, the coach of the Cavs for the 2017 and 2018 Finals, Tyronn Lue, said that he elected to blitz Curry instead of Durant or Klay Thompson. Also, this clip sides with Green as well.


Green’s overall point was that Curry sacrifices for the overall success of the Warriors. He could force his shots when defenses focus on him if he wanted to, but instead he’s selective, and dishes off to open teammates. He’s fine with the scoring coming elsewhere. It’s one of the reasons that in the 2017 Finals, Durant was able to win MVP, averaging 35.2 points per game on 55.6/47.4/92.7 splits *exploding brain emoji*. This is one season after he averaged 30 points on 42.3/28.6/91.8 shooting splits while playing against the Warriors with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference finals.

Curry is Randy Moss, Tyreek Hill, Peter Warrick at Florida State, and Barry Bonds. Nothing terrifies a defense in any sport like big-play ability. Those 35-footers that we’ve seen Curry make, or when he turns his back while burying a three, those are 80-yard touchdowns and home runs into McCovey Cove. Those are the plays that break teams, and Curry plays basketball. The defense doesn’t have to come out onto the field. The Warriors transition back to defense as a 24-second shot clock counts until they get the ball again.


A three home run, or three touchdown game? Try 11 3-pointers. That’s the threat that makes a coach like Lue sell out to make sure that doesn’t happen, and the point Green was making was Finals MVP or no Finals MVP, Curry’s career is the same. Curry is one of the top-five guards in the history of the sport, and is a singular talent that the league had never seen before, having the ability to shoot as fast as a click, off the dribble or catch-and-shoot, and from the logo, consistently. There was one season he shot over 90 percent from three from one of the corners.

Regardless of who is the MVP of the Finals, the show does not work if Curry doesn’t force the attention of the entire arena all night long.

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