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CJ McCollum on Zion Williamson: “I took him under my arms”

Zion Williamson
Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter

Pelicans newcomer CJ McCollum is taking leadership role on the team in order to bring success to New Orleans. The 30-year-old shooting guard, who joined the Pelicans just before the trade deadline, is committed to taking his new team to the next level.

One of the main topics for New Orleans this summer is Zion Williamson’s future. The former number one draft pick missed this entire season due a broken metatarsal in his right foot.

He is eligible to sign a rookie max extension, but there is some uncertainty about whether he is committed to the Pelicans and what the team should offer him, knowing his history with injuries. McCollum says he will work together with Zion this summer and make sure he feels right.

“I took him under my arms, I gotta make sure he’s right,” McCollum said about Zion Williamson in response to a question by an NBA legend Magic Johnson. “We’ve been communicating this summer about times we’re going to meet up and link. I’m going to get him out here in New York get some work when will be done drafting.

“If he’s not watching this [refers to the NBA Finals], he’s going to see this clip. I’m getting hm out to Vegas with me. We’re going to get some time together. I told him, I work at 6.00/6.30, my son be up early so I work at 6.00/6.30/7.00 get this work in and I’ll be here on set with y’all.

“I need some pointers on how to run the show too, gotta make sure big fella’s happy, gotta feed BI [Brandon Ingram], I gotta make sure JV [Jonas Valanciunas] is getting what he needs to get, I gotta take it to the next level. I know you’re going to help me get there.”

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