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“BREAKING” Cast Talks New Film At LA Premiere

When resources are few and problems are many, and your back is up against a wall, what would you do? Breaking stars John Boyega who plays former Marine Corps Veteran Brian Brown Easley, who’s having financial problems and has decided to rob a bank.

Based on a true story, director and writer Abi Damaris Corbin said it was important to her to bring this story to the screen, the daughter of a veteran herself saw the importance of this film. Corbin hopes the audience is silent after watching this film.

In one of Michael K. Williams’ last roles since his tragic death in November 2021, we see him deliver a powerful presence as the negotiator. We caught up with his son at the premiere, and he said it was bittersweet not being with his father, but he was there to represent him and keep his legacy alive. John said he was a fan of Michael’s work in the “WIRE” and that he was his first choice for the role. 

Breaking pulls at your heartstrings from beginning to end with the message that everyone wants to be heard and seen. 

Breaking is out in theaters today, August 26th.

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