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Black Autistic Student Bullied By White Student At Alcott Middle School, Assistant Principal Allegedly Lied About The Incident

A video of a white student bullying a black student with autism at Alcott Middle School in Norman, Oklahoma is currently making its rounds on social media. What makes it even worse is you have students laughing at the situation besides one student whose name appears to be Raven. Raven was the only student that spoke up for the kid.

A Facebook user named Aj Morehead shared the video on Facebook.

Morehead claims Josh was called the N-Word by several students in that classroom and goes into detail about Josh’s situation:

“What you are looking at is a video of my 6th grade special needs autistic son in a class he is not supposed to be in, being bullied. He was also called a N word which from several students I got this info from. I was told nothing happened and only words were exchanged and Josh got mad. I asked to speak to my son. He said he was fine and would call me if he had any further problems. My son’s teacher was out sick and no plan was put in place for my son’s ongoing care at the school even with lawyers recently trying to prevent this type of situation of ongoing bullying. My son came home from school and was crying saying he was bullied and embarrassed that a bigger boy was fighting him at school and nobody did anything. He also had to walk past him in the hall which he said the child was mugging him and flinched at him the same day of the incident. He said he had to stay in the class with the young man and he hid his face to cry then eventually walked out.”

Morehead continued by claiming the assistant principal told a fabricated story about what actually happened to Josh:

“The assistant principal Alcott Middle school called me and fabricated a story as if my child was never touched and he was fine. He said Josh’s pride was just hurt a little.”

Alcott Middle School has yet to address this situation even though it occurred on Wednesday according to the Facebook post comment section.

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