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Astro Boy Reboot in the Works From ‘Miraculous’ Creator

It has been announced that Thomas Astruc will be the next creator to bring Astro Boy back to modern pop culture. Astruc’s past work includes Miraculous and The Little Prince, franchises with a global audience. Fifty-two episodes are in the works at Method Animation, bringing timely hot-button issues like the impact of social media and environmental concerns to the series.

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Method Animation president Aton Soumache commented on Astruc bringing his unique view to the storied franchise. “Astro Boy is so universal and contemporary that we are not only developing a reboot, but a consistent continuum in the full respect of the original universe.”

Astruc himself confirmed that both French and Japanese creators would come together to bring Astro Boy back to the screens in a similar vein to Miraculous.

The super-powered robot boy is an iconic Japanese creation and the signature work of Osamu Tezuka. Astro Boy was also one of the first anime titles to hit America, leading the way for a whole genre of entertainment. In the time since then, the character has seen countless adaptions, including a 2009 feature film and a more recent version of the series aimed at preschoolers.

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Astro Boy is part of Mediawan Kids & Family, a new distributor of family-friendly entertainment created by the French media conglomerate Mediawan. The company is also putting out a Little Prince feature film and promises at least ten productions in the works for future release.

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