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Andre Iguodala: Steph Curry solidified himself as the best point guard of all time

Andre Iguodala won his fourth NBA championship with the Warriors after his team defeated the Celtics in Game 6 of this year’s NBA Finals.

“This one holds a lot of weight just because of all the shots each championship they threw at us or particularly they threw their stuff,” Iguodala said postgame as he recalled the path that the Warriors took to this year’s championship since he won the first of his four with the Dubs.

“The Finals MVP on the first one and then KD probably best player in the world. Trying to say that was unfair. And then you go a year where you win, well they went 15 games. And then last year not being able to get to the playoffs.

“And for everything to come back together the way it did with me leaving and then coming back and different role, different capacity.

“And then having amazing teammates and a different set of supporting cast. This guy right here [Gary Payton II] was huge for us, earned himself a big payday this summer. Really happy for him, Wiggins, Jordan Poole. The growth of those guys.

“But more than anything Steph, I think, he solidified himself today as, not even today, just his career as the best point guard of all time.”

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