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Alien: Isolation Headed to iOS & Android, Will Allegedly Have ‘Jaw-Dropping AAA Visuals’

Alien: Isolation was a bit divisive, but has since gained cult classic status. And now that 2014 horror game set in the Alien film franchise is coming to iOS and Android devices on December 16 for $14.99.

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Feral Interactive, the team behind the port, tweeted the news that came alongside a press release from publisher Sega. Sega is promising quite a bit with this version and saying it will keep the “stunning AAA visuals” and “terrifying atmosphere” of the original and that its survival horror gameplay will be “faithfully replicated” on the platforms “without compromise.” Aside from the visuals, the game will have a redesigned interface for mobile and offer full customization options. It will also include support for gamepads and mouse and keyboards. And it not only has the main game, but all of its seven pieces of DLC, which includes the Last Survivor and Crew Expendable expansions that replicate events from the first film and even star most of its original cast.

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While it may be easy to dismiss this iteration, Alien: Isolation has a history of solid ports. Its 2019 Nintendo Switch port was widely praised, with Digital Foundry even saying that it, in multiple ways, “exceeds the original [PS4 and Xbox One] version,” which is partially due to its stronger anti-aliasing. Feral Interactive ported the game to Switch and is also handling this mobile version. This also isn’t the only Alien game on iOS an Android platforms as 2019’s Alien: Blackout was a mobile-only follow-up to Isolation that saw Amanda Ripley trapped on board yet another ship with a xenomorph. Its gameplay was inspired by the scene in Alien: Covenant where David uses doors to trap the xenomorph.

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